About me.


I am a man trying to make a positive difference and be more than me. As a novelist, my purpose is to bring a solely original account of the human story, that’s both moving and meaningful. TO BE marks my debut.

My background spans twenty three years in investment management and research globally. As an American, I have lived in the Orient and the Occident, from the South to the North. I’m a graduate of UPenn.

My motivation for the book is experiencing the boom and busts of our last two decades from inside finance and wanting some reconciliation, a net-net, beyond the stats. A well-grounded and differentiated perspective that has been my trade in the markets now extends to my literary work.

To this aim, my writing combines enduring romanticism with urgent realism, and reaches between the natural and material world for connection. Lively plot led by a constant inner voice is my style. Deep entertainment is my product. My commitment to you is a well-crafted production that earns your money and time from start to finish, on every page.