When Michael sees Alexa out of the crowd at intermission, the fallen highflier seeking resurgence encounters Lady Luck herself from the City on the brink, hence setting off one affair that will bear his greatest promise – and peril.



You could strike fortune. Holding it was the delicate part, through a bumpy world. In a top corner of the City, all Michael had built by cunning and calculation, the incalculable has toppled from the last market crash. Just as he looks for a comeback, an even bigger surprise appears with the smile of Alexa, winning over the wily by the fairest chance. New love takes on a turn of history for another way and propels the everyday to the extraordinary. Eloping passions run close and far in an earthly vein, towards essence. Strange pasts yet catch up: A fraud tangling Alexa suddenly unleashes a feud with the Syndicate, that demands maximum damages from now Michael’s most precious, unbreakable bond.

By a gunshot, familiar Gotham deepens into a mystery and a maze. Upon towers of the City to the wilds within, a struggle for release rages. Hunted, lovers face their opposites, matching the livelier against the deadlier. Unforgiving twist ties the knot before any wedding. A money rivalry is raised to ultimate stakes. Michael reckons with the direst for his dearest – at exact worth. He fights back, to the reaches of the heart, as incredible conflict presses to a more convincing stand. His inevitable aim of checkmate though overtakes with a vengeance, sweeping by the power and the powerlessness, beyond Alexa. It will take their every possible means to beat the mob, but the very ends of the earth to stop the threat which imperils all.